We highly recommend that you watch our safety video before your first climb. It is available for viewing here and on a screen in the gym. 

Safety and Rules

Bouldering is a fun and challenging sport, but not entirely without risks. We offer you the facilities to climb and fall safely. However, you remain responsible for your own actions when climbing, falling or jumping off. Don't do anything that feels unsafe. To ensure that everyone can enjoy 9 degrees in a safe and responsible manner, we provide house rules and safety rules that need to be adhered to. The rules are posted around the gym, are listed on our website and are available at our front desk. 

General rules

Every customer who will be on the boulder mats must complete and sign a waiver form and be checked in at our front desk on each visit. Customers are required to have read the house rules and general conditions and everyone who uses the facilities at 9 degrees has agreed to abide by the house rules and general conditions. The general rules include:
- Follow instructions from personnel;
- Do not bring glass into the gym;
- Stay off the mats (unless climbing or spotting);
- Keep the mats clear of any objects;
- Report loose holds to staff immediately;
- Empty your pockets and don't wear jewellery; 
- Warm up properly before climbing anything you find challenging;
- Cease climbing when you feel pain;

Safety when falling

Falling is an integral part of bouldering, especially when attempting challenging climbs. That does not mean that one simply lets go and hopes for the best. At all times a climber must be mentally prepared for a fall and have a good sense of the risks involved. Every time you land on the mats there is a risk involved. This risk must always be reduced as much as possible by the participant. Never attempt anything that feels unsafe or uncontrolled. When you are concerned about a potential fall, discuss the risks with someone experienced, and ask them to spot you before you start the climb. General rules for safety and controlled falling are:
- Always climb down when possible;
- Land on both feet to distribute the impact;
- Avoid landing with twisted ankles;
- Don't keep your legs straight when landing;
- Absorb impact by bending the knees;
- Roll down and let the mat absorb your body's impact;
- Don't just bend forward at the waist when landing. 
- Practise your soft falling and rolling;
- One climber per wall section;